How Partnerships Work

Thanks for checking out the Davis Rodeo Ranch livestock page.

For some of y’all that are wanting to know how our partnership of half interest would work. This is some basic info.

We keep all bulls at our ranch.
We will be responsible for hauling bulls to events.
There is no hauling fee to the events.
There is a 250.00 monthly fee for feed, hay, minerals, and pasture
There is no monthly fee for training.
All vet bills will be split 50/50
Buyer will be responsible for any insurance they would like covered on their half of the bull.
Buyer will pay all of entry fees for each futurity the bull enters. These bulls will have the opportunity to enter ABBI events thru out the year. As your bull gets older as a 3 yr old he will be bucked with a dummy the first part of the year and a rider the last half of the year. When his 4 year old year comes around he will be ready for classic events. First place for the champion3 or 4 year old Classic bull is $100,000 at the world finals. For more information about entry fees & prize money you can go to the ABBI website. The website is
All prize money will be split 50/50.
At any time buyer does not want to pay entry fees for an event Davis Rodeo has the right to pay entry fees and will keep 100% of prize money from that event.
All semen rights split 50/50 as well as the collection fee.
All Out money from bull ridings will go to Davis Rodeo for training.
All the bonus money will be split 50/50
You are able to sale your bull at any time. When the bull is sold it will be a 50/50 split.

You can come and pick up your bull up after the futurity. Or we could house/feed, train, and haul your bull. You would still own 100%.
Fees for housing/feeding per month: $500.00
Fees for hauling: Fuel/Expenses Bill would be spilt by total number of bulls on trailer
You pay 100% of Vet bills & entry fees.
You are responsible for insurance if you want bull covered.
All Prize money will be split 60% to the owner & 40% to Davis Rodeo for training.

If you would like to talk to Jerome about purchasing any cattle please call 336-861-7673 or email

Be Blessed,
Tiffany and Jerome Davis