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Jerome Davis Injured during PBR Event


March 14, 1998

During the first-round of the Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge in Fortworth Texas, Jerome Davis was paralyzed from the chest down.

While riding Jerry Nelson's bull Knock 'em Out John, Jerome was jerked down and hit heads with the bull. The blow knocked Jerome unconscious sending him to the ground head first. The impact with the ground caused a fracture / dislocation of the sixth and seventh vertebra at the base of Jerome's neck and burst fracture of the sixth vertebra (it exploded and shattered).

The blow to his head did not cause serious head trauma or brain injury. Jerome received a slight concussion and was conscious before he left the arena, but was unable to move.

Jerome was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas where he was operated on the next day by Dr. John Malonis, Sunday, March 15, 1998. (Malonis assisted with Clint Branger's neck surgery in Salt Lake City during the fall of 1995.)

After undergoing the surgery Jerome was flown to Charlotte, NC on March 26, 1998, to the Charlotte Institute of Rehabilitation. He returned home to his family ranch in Archdale, NC on April 26, 1998.

The surgery helped Jerome gain back use of his arms and has feelings and some use of each hand.

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